Everything You Need to Know About ModWood

If you have never heard of ModWood, it is an Australian-made composite product used for various purposes. It is manufactured from recycled plastic, typically milk bottles, and ground-up wood waste. The product is manufactured in Melbourne and contains no trace of formaldehyde.

Will ModWood Splinter or Warp?

One of the best features of ModWood is that its unique composition means that it will never splinter. This factor alone makes it ideal to use in areas where children will play or where people enjoy going barefoot.

Another nice feature with this product is as long as it is installed, maintained, and fixed according to the manufacturer’s instructions, it will not warp. However, when the mini board is used in some cases, you will notice a small deflection in the upright boards.

Do I Need to Ensure That ModWood Has Ventilation?

Just as with other wood products, your ModWood in Brisbane must have proper ventilation. This is necessary to allow the product to dry out after becoming wet. Failure to provide adequate ventilation anywhere this product is used can lead to swelling of the boards. Swelling often leads to the product failing.

While ModWood is moisture-resistant, it should never be in a constantly wet place. It must dry out to prevent swelling and failure, so it is not advisable to use it for cladding. When installing, make sure the spacing between boards is done correctly and proper clearance above the ground and at the butt joints.

Does ModWood Come with UV Protection?

All ModWood products come with UV protection. The one thing to note, though, is this protection only applies to the plastic portion of the composite product. The UV protection does not protect the wood colour from fading. Fading occurs in all ModWood products when exposed to various elements, including sun and rain. Most fading occurs during the first couple of months.

What Kind of Surface Temperatures Will I Experience?

Testing done on ModWood has shown that its surface temperatures are not much different than other wood products. The colour of the ModWood directly affects the temperatures too. Darker colours are hotter than lighter colours.

Which Side Should Face Upwards?

A great thing about ModWood is that either the brushed or smooth side can face upwards. You as a homeowner must research the pros and cons of installing a specific side upwards, though. For example, the brushed side doesn’t show scratches as easily, while it’s more likely to show grease or other stains.

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