Basic Facts About Skip Hires

Hiring a skip rental company is pretty straightforward. The hard part is finding one you can rely on. When hiring a skip rental company, always ask for the required license and permits. Before agreeing to anything, double-check that they have the appropriate size skip for rent.

Different Types of Skips

If you are looking into a local skip hire in Lewisham, one thing to remember is that size matters. When ordering a skip, there are five different sizes you can choose from. When trying to decide on the size skip you require, it’s best to try and estimate how much rubbish you plan to dispose of. Here is a closer look at the five sizes residents have to choose from:

  • Mini skips – these ones are the smallest ones you can find and come in 2-to-3-yard capacity. These are the perfect size for typical homes and commercial businesses.
  • Midi skip – this is the next size up and is ideal for smaller to mid-sized projects. These bins range in size from 4 to 5 yards. They are still small enough to place in a driveway, so they don’t require a skip permit.
  • Builder’s skip – these come in 6- or 8-yard capacities and are often found at commercial buildings. They are ideal for home improvement projects.
  • Maxi skips – these come in 10- to 18-yard capacities. They are an excellent choice for large residential communities or commercial use.
  • Roll-on Roll-off skips – these are the largest ones available to rent and range from 20 to 40 yards. They are ideal for industrial places and require more space because of their larger size.

Where Does the Garbage Go?

Where your garbage ends up varies from one skip rental company to the next. Some will send it to a landfill or other dumpsite. Other companies will sort it before sending it out for recycling, while some just send it directly to a recycler.

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