Extending Your Home for Your Relatives

As they get older, many people find themselves taking on the task of caring for their elderly parents. While some people are able to accommodate them in their own homes, others may simply not have the room to do so.

That is why many people end up installing what is known as a granny flat. Granny flats are small apartments or dwelling units that house one or two people comfortably and can be added onto your property. They are a great way to provide a living space for a relative or can even be rented out to others.

Benefits of a Granny Flat

If you are considering a granny flat, you may already know that there are several advantages to doing so. Aside from providing a relative with a place to live, granny flats can also add value to the existing property. If you were to ever sell your home, it would go for much more than it was when you purchased it prior to installing a granny flat.

Another advantage to having a granny flat is that you can always rent out the space for a little bit of extra cash if it is not currently being used by a relative. Having a tenant on the property is also beneficial in itself because you can always share the cost of utilities, childcare, lawn care, and any other maintenance tasks that should arise.

Building a Granny Flat

Granny flats are not as difficult to install as one might think. Some already come pre-made and simply need to be ordered and attached to your property. The cost of installing a granny flat all depends on the shape and size of the flat, but you can always inquire about the price. Simply reach out to your local outdoor shop for more information.

One thing to consider when shopping for these flats is that they are made out of quality material so that they can last you as long as possible. The last thing you want is for your granny flat to start falling apart the second that it starts to rain or the wind blows too hard.

All in all, granny flats are a great way to keep watch over your elderly relatives, make some extra cash by renting it out, or allowing your adult kids to live in.


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