Choosing a Roof Repair Option

Roofing is a big part of what keeps your home protected from the elements. The best way to keep your roof in great condition is to have annual inspections. This way, problems can be found early, before they become large. It is also advisable to check your roof after major storms. Heavy damage can occur after these events. There are several options when your roof needs service. Different details need to be considered when you are having your roof serviced. The extent of damage, the age, and cost may all be factors that affect your choice.

Minor Repairs

If your roof is fairly young and only a small portion needs repair, it may be able to be patched. This method only addresses one area of the roof. This may mean the replacement of something as small as a few shingles. This could be a necessity due to something such as large hail or a branch from a tree. Sometimes, areas simply begin to wear down as your roof ages. Small animals and birds like to sit on roofs, as well. Take the time to discuss the benefits of a small repair with your roofing specialist. It may not be cost efficient on a roof that is aging and needs to be replaced soon.


Re-roofing in Perth is an option when you have a roof that is near the end of its lifespan. This accomplishes the strength of an entirely new roof, without the cost. The new shingles are put on over the old ones. This saves money on labour to remove the old roofing and supplies for the materials that go under it. This can only be done once, however. Two layers of roofing are the maximum. Otherwise, they may not adhere properly. This is not a viable option if shingles are water damaged or if mould and mildew have settled in underneath. This method may be a choice if you are not prepared to pay for an entire replacement, yet the old roof is not usable anymore.


A full replacement for your roof may be necessary on several occasions. Large storms can easily damage a roof beyond repair. The water damage from these may rule out other roofing procedures. The average roof lasts about 30 years. If you begin to have leaks or notice substantial wear, a full replacement may also be necessary. It is important to plan for this financially, or check into financing.

Your roof protects the interior of your home from the elements and must be cared for properly. If you do not have it inspected on a regular basis, damage can get out of control. This can cause issues with the interior of your home. Costs for repairs can be much higher when you do not take care of things in a timely manner. A roofing specialist can help you determine the best course of action for your damaged or aging roof. Take the time to consider the cost, longevity, and durability of your choice.

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