Can You Use Quartz as Backsplash Tile?

Homeowners can utilize various types of backsplash tiles to adorn their kitchen walls. Luckily, most are readily available as pre-assembled sheets that are easy to install. Householders can choose from various materials, from glass to stone and ceramic. Depending on the style and look of their kitchen, selecting suitable backsplash tiles can change the look and feel of the entire cook room.

Before choosing an item suitable as backsplash tiles, an individual must perceive its advantages, quality, and lifespan. This way, they can easily see where the tiles will go, how much their budget will be, and how long they will experience the benefits it offers.

One of the known materials for backsplash tiles is quartz. Multiple people adore its beauty and classification of it.

What are the expected benefits that this hardware can offer to homeowners?

Quartz’s wide variety of design options makes it great for backsplashes. Homeowners have almost unlimited color and style options to achieve the desired look while keeping it hidden. They can also easily match their kitchen cupboards and countertops to create a cohesive design. They can combine quartz countertops with different backsplash options to create a seamless design, whether their cooking area has black countertops or white cabinets.

Quartz is so versatile that householders can put under-cabinet LED lighting on it. Clients can ask their cabinet refacing Oceanside manufacturer for advice or see how the tile should be installed if they are unsure about its suitability as a backsplash tile.

How about its price?

Measuring the area is vital if the homeowner is contemplating covering the room with quartz backsplash tiles. It will look fantastic once done, but they must consider their budget. A possible cheapest quartz might cost between $65 and $70 per square foot. It will likely cost more if they choose to have their quartz customized, ranging from $200 to $280 per square foot.

These are only a few of the conveniences quartz backsplash tiles can give you. Continue reading to learn more about all the suitability it can provide on the infographic below brought to you by the well-known cabinet refacing Brea company, Mr. Cabinet Care:

Can You Use a Quartz as Backsplash Tile?

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