Bespoke Windows and Doors That Perfectly Match your Property

While double glazing is certainly not a new arrival on the home improvement scene, for many UK homeowners, modern uPVC or aluminium replacement windows might be very energy efficient, yet they do little to enhance the property aesthetically. Owners of listed properties, for example, are reluctant to alter the distinguished look of their property by installing something modern, yet there are specialist replacement window suppliers who can tailor the units to perfectly complement any setting. It might be a Georgian or Tudor style that is required, and rather than simply accept what products are available, there are window companies who put aesthetics at the top of their priority list.

Made to Measure Units

The double glazing industry has seen many advances over the past 15-20 years, and modern units are made to fit the aperture, rather than coming in standard sizes. Every building is unique, therefore the windows and doors should be fabricated to the openings, and with bay windows and odd shaped recesses, it is essential to fabricate the windows to fit the apertures. This also gives you carte blanche on opening styles, and sash windows that open with horizontal sliding can be perfectly replicated using either real timber, or uPVC with an authentic looking timber grain finish. Aluminium also comes in many colours, and a mahogany style finish will perfectly match the character of the property.

Replacing Doors

Replacing the doors on a period property is tricky, yet with a window company that excels in unique designs, it is possible to enhance the property while providing complete security and, of course, insulation. Many homeowners decide to enlarge a rear window and replace it with patio French doors, which can be of the sliding variety, or bifolding, which does perfectly suit a period property. In fact, with a little building work, one can really open up the interior to include the terrace, and with a 4-panel French door system – where the middle units open in a folding action – you can really open up the dining room to include the patio area.

Focus on Aesthetics

While there are many double glazing contractors, you really want to focus on one that has experience in working on listed properties, and they would have some stunning images of previous projects on their website, which will give you a clearer idea of what is possible. State of the art insulation can be achieved with a system that doesn’t look out of place, and any reputable replacement window company would happily spend some time with you, looking at all the options. Replacing your windows and doors is a major investment, and one should never allow price to be the deciding factor, as like anything else these days, you only get what you pay for.

The Internet is a wonderful source of information, and for any UK homeowner that is looking to replace the windows and doors of their character home, an online search and a little browsing should lead them to the right company, who can design and install units that enhance the property.

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