Accommodations for Your Growing Family

It is exciting when you start a family. It is also surprising how much space baby items take up in the home. There is usually enough space in the home, at first. When you have multiple children, they may also prefer to share a room for many years. There are, however, some situations that make things more complicated. If you have older kids or teens and then decide to have another baby, sharing a room may not be an option. Teenagers may have things in their room that are dangerous for babies. Older kids also need their privacy. You may also have more children and simply run out of extra bedrooms. Before you give up your study or formal dining room, talk to a professional about adding a room to your home.

The Consultation

A specialist needs to come to your home and look at the space. They can tell you where the additional room should be placed. Every home is different. You may also have to make some decisions about using some of the space from the garage or yard. Room additions must not impede on your neighbour’s property. You can discuss the location, size of the room, and the construction timeframe. Share your reasons for adding a room with the representative so they can better understand what is needed. A contractor can walk you through the steps of how to build an addition in Sydney.


Once the contractor begins to design the addition, they can come with a pricing estimate. A room addition is a big project. This is not something that most people pay cash for. You may need to take out a home improvement loan or find a contractor that offers financing options. This is a big cost; however, it can also raise the value of your home. Your home is a great investment. Additions and updates can make it worth more than you paid for it.


Your home must be prepared for the addition of a new room. Workers are likely to seal off the area with plastic sheeting. This is to keep the dust and debris from coming into the rest of your home. You should purchase some extra air filters for the duration of the construction. When the construction dust gets sucked into the air vents, these may get dirty much faster than usual. You may also need to remove people with allergies during this time.

Most contractors have a great plan to keep everything contained; however, the addition may take several weeks. Many people choose to do this during the summer when kids are out of school. This way it does not interfere with the busy school schedule. You may also want to invest in some dog crates for your pets. This can help them stay calm during the day, when workers are in the home.

Your new addition can make the home more peaceful. You may be surprised to find that your children spend more time relaxing in their rooms when they have more privacy. Sharing a room does not work for all families. Get an estimate, then plan for the cost and construction. Your new room is waiting.

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