What may be the Common Causes of Water Pipe Leakage?

The residential water pipes installed in and around your home would be providing you with adequate fresh water supply for your consumption needs. Your home would also be installed with wastewater removal pipes. Regardless the purpose of the pipes, you should be rest assured that pipes are subjected to leakage, breakage and blockage. In order to prevent a major plumbing repair job, you should call a licensed and insured plumber near you. It should be done at the first sign of water leakage problem.

What may go wrong with water pipes at home?

Do you often receive discoloured water in your taps? Do you often observe low water pressure in your kitchen or bathroom? Chances are higher that you may be facing pipe leakage problem in your home. You may come across three major kinds of water leakage problems at home, namely, blockage, leakage and breakage of water pipes. Let us consider some of the problems that may occur to the water pipes at your home.

  • Poor installation of water pipes could result in water leakage in your home. There may be incorrect fittings, improper sealing, loose nuts could result in water leakage.
  • The plumber hired for the job may have installed improper size of pipes. The pipe should be of adequate size to prevent blockage, overflow or increased pressure bursting the pipes.
  • Constant pressure of water may wear and tear the pipes from bends and certain joints. It could cause the water to leak from those areas.
  • Rusting of water pipes when being exposed to air and water could be a common problem for pipes to leak water in and around the house.

  • Changing weather could be a major reason for poor health of water pipes in cold climates. The water would freeze in extreme cold conditions, making the pipe to expand and crack at places.
  • Chances are higher that sudden burst of water pressure may make the water pipe burst at times.
  • The water pipes around the house could be subjected to being damaged by tree roots. The hard roots of the tree may cause the pipe to crack or block the flow of water in the pipe.
  • An unforeseen event when a construction process near the water pipe may cause damage to the pipe causing water leakage.

Regardless the cause of water pipe leakage, you should look for the best plumbers in Preston to handle your specific needs at affordable price.

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