What are the dos and don’ts when one finds droppings of rodents in Cedar Park, Texas?

It becomes tricky when one finds rodent droppings in houses or other areas in the surroundings. Ordinary cleaning done by humans can affect the skin and lungs, causing a health risk. The droppings are hazardous and can spread diseases like Lymphocytic, Leptospirosis, Salmonellosis, Hantavirus, etc.  But one doesn’t have to worry when Cedar Park pest control comes to your rescue. In this blog, you read what to do and what not to do when mice and rats drop feces in homes. 

The Do’s

The do’s are as follows:

Calling a professional immediately

Professionals know exactly how to clean the area where rats/mice spread droppings. It is best to go by calling a rodent professional/expert to help you control the spread of bacteria.

Wearing protective gear

While cleaning rodent droppings, make sure to wear the mandatory essentials like rubber gloves for hand protection, glasses/goggles for eye protection, and a dust mask for handling. 

Using a disinfectant or bleach

Be sure to use bleach or chemical cleaners to mop the floors to prevent bacteria from spreading around. 

Washing of clothes and bedsheets

To avoid any spread of the bacteria, make a point to wash clothes and bedsheets, linens, and covers so there is no risk of getting infected. 

Washing of the protective gear 

Once done with cleaning, washing hand gloves is necessary for at least a minute. Later on, washing hands also is essential. 

The Don’ts

The don’ts are as follows:

Neglecting of Hantavirus symptoms 

A rodent dropping can get you the flu symptoms, like feeling nauseous, vomiting, sore muscles, headache, difficulty in breathing and coughing, etc. As the virus is deadly, seeing a physician as soon as possible is very important. 

Keeping hand gloves or dust mask 

After using the gear, don’t make use of this gear again. Make sure to discard it after cleaning and throwing the used pieces of equipment away to avoid the risk of getting infected.

Cleaning the waste with a vacuum cleaner/broom

Never clean the waste with brooms or even vacuum cleaners. By doing so, Hantavirus can pass into the air. So avoid doing it.


To reduce the spread of the viruses by rodent droppings, declutter crowded spaces, take out the trash regularly, and lessen the usage of cardboard boxes by using plastic bins. 

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