Troubleshooting your HVAC system: the art of maintenance

With summer lurking around the corner, now is the time to ensure that your air conditioning system is ready for the sweltering summer months. Preventive maintenance may assist ensure that your air conditioner runs smoothly and effectively throughout the summer.

Enlightening yourself on the vast array of difficulties that your HVAC system may experience goes a long way in helping you to ascertain whether or not your equipment requires maintenance.

An AC system not generating cold air is one of the most prevalent and aggravating HVAC issues that homeowners face. In this post, we will look into the various reasons and provide some options for you to try on your own. We will also assist you in determining if your equipment requires expert care.

In the unfortunate circumstance that your air conditioner fails to emit cold air, there are several fast, simple, and free fixes you may try before contacting HVAC service Austin TX for repair.

Filter Change

Filters are put in place by the manufactures for the purpose of removing dust, hair, and certain other particles from the air, in a bid to prevent pollutants from spreading throughout the house. By replacing the HVAC filter within a constant interval of 30 days, it is most likely that you singlehandedly enhance the air quality in your house while using less energy at the same time. Filters that are clean enable more air to flow through, enabling the unit to carry out its heating-cooling cycle more effectively. For majority of the systems out there today, filters with MERV ratings of seven to thirteen provide a great mix of filtering ability and maximum airflow.

For majority of the systems out there today, filters with MERV ratings of seven to thirteen provide a great mix of filtering ability and maximum airflow.

Pay attention to odd sounds 

Another routine activity you can passively carry out is keep an ear out for strange sounds while your system is functioning. Noises emanating from your HVAC system are, more often than not, caused by register obstructions, dirt in vents, or loose bolts on the furnace or registers. Subsequent to hearing set range sounds coming from your HVAC, make a genuine attempt to figure out where they are coming from.

Heating and cooling tests

Most homes test their heating and cooling systems in the winter and summer, respectively. It is strongly advised that you test the thermostat’s heating and cooling functions to confirm they are operating properly during your DIY checkup. Doing this is only a way to provide you guarantee that your system can keep your house comfortable in every season, all year long.

Examine the Battery

The very first thing you ought to check, provided the thermostat in your system runs on a battery, is the battery life. Depending on how well it is used and maintained in addition to the device type, thermostat batteries may last up to two years. In any case, a battery showing strong indications of running low, should be replaced promptly. You do not want it to go out of commission in the midst of unfavorable weather conditions.

Get Rid of Debris

Remove the fan cage from the external condenser/compressor. Remove the bolts and take the cage or fan grill off of the top/covering of the device with the aid of a screwdriver or wrench. Get rid of— through cleaning — leaves and dirt from the inside by hand or using a wet/dry vacuum.

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