Prudent Property Maintenance: The Benefits of Installing a Modern Steel Roof

During a recent coast-to-coast research initiative, pollsters found that approximately one in every six Australian homeowners is unsatisfied or discontented with the current condition and value of his or her home. As such, it shouldn’t come as a shock to find out that the Australian home improvement market has grown by almost 5% during the past 12 months and that the residential renovation sector is now worth upwards of $46 billion.

However, it’s important to note that you don’t have to facilitate an intrusive, expensive construction project in order to augment the efficiency, kerb appeal, and inherent value of your property; all you have to do is partner with a distinguished panel of steel roofing specialists.

This brief write-up will underscore the specific remunerations and benefits that come along with a steel re-roofing project and explain how this new-age roofing material can take your domestic building to the next level.

The Facts and Figures That You Need to Know About Steel Roofs

If you partner with a long-standing Perth re-roofing expert and schedule the installation of a contemporary steel-based solution, you’ll gain access to a host of fantastic advantages:

  • Boost Your Building’s Market Value: Simply by replacing your outmoded asphalt, slate, or rubber roof with custom-fabricated steel panes, you can add anywhere from 8% to 16% to your property’s listing price. After totalling the material costs and labour rates, you’ll be able to achieve a valuable 80% return on your investment, which is substantially higher than what you’d recoup with a primitive asphalt tile implementation.
  • Unsurpassed Durability and Resilience: In stark contrast to asphalt roofs, which usually require a full-blown replacement after 12 years, steel roofing materials can last up to seven decades with nary an issue and they can sustain wind gusts above 160 kilometres per hour. To boot, steel roofs are completely flame retardant, watertight, and impermeable to the cracks and fissures that seem to plague alternative materials.
  • Increased Efficiency: Due to the fact that steel sheeting can effectively reflect solar radiant heat and deliver top-notch thermal insulation, you can diminish your summertime cooling expenditures by up to 31% depending on your locale.
  • Practicality and Appeal: Whether you wish to opt for Classic Cream, Cottage Green, or Manor Red, steel sheeting comes in a vast array of personalised hues and colours, which means that you can easily pinpoint the most suitable visage based on your property’s current thematic scheme.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that modernised steel roofing is very lightweight, structurally secure, and fully resistant to the most common forms of corrosion.

Scheduling Your Initial Consultation

If you take a few moments to visit the webpage of a Building Commission-sanctioned roofing company in your vicinity, you’ll have a chance to fill out a simple contact form and arrange a meeting with a conversant, gracious specialist.

All it takes is one needs-based evaluation to get the facts and to establish a cost-conscious re-roofing strategy so get started on the planning process at your earliest convenience.

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