Lutron Versus Somfy – Comparisons and Variations

“What’s the distinction between Somfy and Lutron?”

This can be a question that lots of motorized shading customers ask us every single day. However, after a period within this industry, I have not had the ability to give a simple, 2 or 3 sentence reaction to this question. The truth is there are lots of variations, some glaring and a few more nuanced. This number of articles will (finally) give a complete response to this common query. The very first article will offer you an easy summary of the main difference backward and forward companies subsequent articles goes into much greater depth and detail.

Lutron and Somfy would be the two dominant players within the motorized shades industry. Generally speaking, each grouped into the group of motorized shades and both sell their goods via a vast network of dealers/installers. However, a defining, fundamental difference is based on the truth that Pennsylvania-based Lutron manufactures motorized shades (shades 2B motors) in addition to controls and doesn’t sell its motors individually. Somfy, a French company, manufactures only motors and controls and doesn’t sell shades of any sort.

It can’t be overstated that in the two cases, the finish customer’s experience is determined by how good the merchandise is installed and also the service and professionalism from the motorized shade provider. Installation quality can differ greater than any product variations and will also continually be the defining success (or failure) associated with a job. Installers should be trained correctly and held to top quality and repair standards. Both Somfy and Lutron provide frequent workout sessions for his or her products, however in the finish, the dealership must result in the dedication to ongoing education for those staff persons. You will find important feature variations backward and forward systems, which subsequent articles covers, but couple of customers will worry about these problems when the installation was shoddy, shades didn’t fit or wiring mistakes were created.

As mentioned above, Lutron offers a fully motorized shade with controls. By doing this, Lutron reaches lower the worth chain beyond Somfy. Therefore, when it comes to total system appearance and matching, Lutron’s shades, being all from one source haven’t much room for variance. All of the components are made to fit together. Together with product seamlessness, the only source model supplies a high amount of manufacturer accountability. Unsurprisingly, all this has a cost, and is among the reasons that Lutron shading systems tend to be more costly than the usual Somfy solution.

Somfy systems involve purchasing various parts from various sources which enables any kind or type of window shade from the fabricator to become motorized. This offers more choice but additionally opens system appearance and matching to more variance. To prevent an incomplete appearance, the dealership must be sure that the best quality, matching components (brackets, fascia, enclosures, screws etc) are utilized. Also, Somfy motors can actually be fitted into niche shades like Hunter Douglas Silhouettes or Duettes which some clients prefer. Somfy offers more versatility.

Lutron supplies a total solution with minimal system variance and Somfy offers a vital bit of the answer, with increased versatility but greater system variance. A Lutron system costs greater than a Somfy solution. But prices is another purpose of product features and whether a task is totally new construction or retrofit, along with other control systems (home automation) which may be factors. This number of articles will address many of these factors, however, the main difference needed to be described.

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