How to renovate your house: Make an old property into your little piece of haven

People say that romantic sitcoms are cheesy and overrated. But, they can teach a great thing about life. After all the hiccups of life, struggles, and pain, a moment comes when you set up your life. You found “the one”, and your romantic interest gets to move in together with you.

However, “Friends” have their cafe, and Ted Mosby has his own setting. It’s the setting that defines the sitcom. Do you have a place or setting for your own story?

And don’t worry. You don’t need to buy a huge house or an apartment. Actually, there’s an easier way to get a house of your dreams. You can renovate it.


Let me try to guess what you are thinking. What about finances?

You just got your hopes up. You are sitting in an old apartment, hanging tight on the love. But, as you are aware, love won’t fix your credit score. Thus, it can’t help you to get a loan and renovate your home.

Don’t fret though. There is a way to get private money loans in Los Angeles and to help you start renovating. It’s a simpler way to boost your finances, get enough money for the project, and return it on a satisfactory term. Still, if you are able to get a good loan, then that’s even better.

But, don’t worry. Prior to getting any kind of loan or finances, you have to understand the costs of renovation. Chances are you are going to pay for some of the following:
The costs of renovation
● Architects
● Decorators
● Craftsmen
● Fixes
● Decorations
● Taxes

However, the real price of a house renovation depends on the state of the real estate you are dealing with. Therefore, what you really should consider is how much you actually have to renovate.

Building Assessment

Now that you secured the finances, the building assessment may commence. And, to an extent, you can do it all by yourself.

However, you want to invest in this type of service. You know how there are a bunch of episodes when characters buy the house, only to realize that it’s a pit of hell?

Well, art imitates life. When you are renovating, you need to be sure what needs fixing immediately, and what requires polishing. Some of the things you should consider are:
Building assessment list:
● Current condition assessment
● Structural stability
● Damp
● Drainage
● Site access
● Exterior
● Interior
● Infestation
● Permissions

For that matter, you want to hire a professional to assess the current condition of the building. And, don’t do it cheaply. Regardless of your money, you don’t want to pay it cheap and get a bad assessment.

If you have a bad assessment, you can’t renovate efficiently. After all, you may have a great idea about how to renovate your home. But, if it isn’t plausible or doable, and you already took a loan, a sitcom setting could quickly become a drama.

You don’t want your “How I met your mother” to turn to “House of cards”. So, after the initial assessment, you are ready to tackle the exterior of the house.

Exterior Works

Think about the sitcom again. There’s always that one shot that zooms in on the house as a short intermezzo before the action continues.

So, it’s even more important than anything to properly design and fix your house’s exterior. Here, there are two basic actions to consider. First is the design and architecture work. Second is the structural and technical work. They include:
External Works
● Damping
● Wearthighiting
● Drainage
● Site Access
● Improving House Structure
● Fixing Roofs and Windows

For example, working out the drains, paving site access, and fixing structural problems is paramount. In the end, no matter how beautifully the house looks externally, it won’t matter. It has to be stable, operational, and functional.

Then comes the fun part, and that’s the house design. Painting, fixing up the yard (if you have one), putting the pavement, and fixing roof and windows.

Honestly, this is a hard part of the house renovation. But, once you do it the fun part starts.

Interior Works
Sorry to trick you here. Actually, this is the part when the craftsmen come in.

And, it’s better that way. Just like in romcoms and sitcoms, having couples fix their houses leads to a lot of laughs. In real life, it leads to problems and even more problems after that. Usually, inner works include some of the following:
First Works
● Plumbing
● Carpentry
● Paintwork
● Heating
● Plastering walls
● Flooring

When you finish that, you can begin second works. These are the jobs around the house that make the house fully functional. Some of them include:
Second Works
● Finishing heating
● Connecting the taps
● Fitting the kitchen
● Installing the boiler

And thus, all technical work ends. Now, the best part of the renovation commences.

The technical work is done. The time has come to put your signature on the whole place. It’s time to breathe in the soul into your renovated home.

Here a great chance to capitalize on those relationship points. Let your spouse channel their inner Kelly Wearstler. It’s time to design your home.

That’s how sitcoms gain substance. There are always a bunch of episodes where characters explain their favorite items in the setting. And, you should also do it with a lot of love. You may hire an interior designer though.

However, most of it you can do yourself. Sure, maybe it won’t be all according to Feng Shui. But, that’s not what it’s important. This is your house, your home. There’s nobody in this world that knows how it should look better than you.

But, make sure to leave the least money for decoration. It may sound counterintuitive. Yet, you want to make sure that the house is functional, operational, and stable.

In the end, you can always redecorate it. You can always upgrade what’s built on the right foundations.

Build Your Dream House
It’s a struggle that makes a sitcom so lovable. People love to see the characters struggle only to win in the end.

And you can win too. It’s going to be a struggle. Even better so, you don’t need a huge loan or a mortgage.

What you need is some bravery, some finances, and vision. As young people full of life, you can get it. Especially when you know that you don’t have to buy. Just remodel and renovate.

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