Essential A/C Maintenance 101

If you had mentioned the term ‘air-conditioning’ 30 years ago, the average brit wouldn’t know what you were talking about. Enter global warming and the increasingly high summer temperatures that we’ve seen all over the UK and the need for a/c arises. Much like most climate control systems, a/c requires regular maintenance, which is outlined below.

Preparing for the summer

From March onwards, you can start thinking about waking up the a/c by going outside and looking at the condenser, removing grass and weeds that might be growing around the unit. Cleaning the compressor fins and coils is recommended every year and with affordable air conditioner maintenance in Romford, you can relax while the experts prepare the a/c.

Air Filtration

As you would expect, climate control systems require air filtration and that has to be cleaned or replaced, depending on the make. The best solution is to contact your local a/c engineer, who has all the equipment to carry out a service and you are ready for the hot summer predicted for 2022.

Thermostat Check

The thermostat controls when the compressor unit kicks in and if it is not accurate, your system will be working when it shouldn’t be. The engineer has a device that instantly tells him how on-point the thermostat is and should it need to be replaced, the engineer would make that recommendation.

Indoor Filters

These do need to removed and cleaned, which the engineer does when he services the unit; the filters are made from plastic and can be washed and dried, ready for refitting.

After a few months of inactivity, it is best to call in the HVAC engineer before starting up the a/c, just to be on the safe side.

If you live in a humid climate or have issues with mold, this post is for you. It will go over air conditioner maintenance and ac installation tips from experts around the world.

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