Better Visibility with Glass Balustrades

There are many choices for balustrades indoors and out. Many modern buildings use glass to up their property value and appear with cleaner lines. New architectural designs do not often match well with older forms of balustrades. This is especially apparent in big cities, where new buildings are continually under construction. Elite areas of town may also be more prone to the use of glass. You can often tell the age of an area of town by its buildings. Glass also adds a better visibility factor. Instead of peering through bars on a balcony, a clear view of the scenery is possible. This is a big selling factor for those that prefer luxury living.


Many homes and offices face a desirable city skyline or outdoor area. Many people prefer the luxury look of glass when they step out onto their patio. Traditional bars block a portion of the view. Glass balustrading in Perth can give the illusion that nothing stands between you and the amazing view from a balcony. You are able to see everything clearly, even if you are sitting behind the balustrade. Many high rise buildings face parks with an expanse of trees. This gives those living in the city a peaceful view. Bars on a balustrade can make you feel like a prisoner of your building. The glass opens everything up and gives the illusion of more space.


Glass balustrades also add safety to a balcony. When children live in a home with an outdoor balcony, they often love to spend time looking out at the world. Many parents end up using a safety screen or baby gates to cover the open spaces. Some pets are also small enough to fit through the bars. This can bring the danger of falling a long distance, or being stuck. Glass offers a solid surface with no spaces large enough for children or pets to fit through. Yet there is plenty of visibility for dogs to bark at their favourite neighbours, or for kids to wave at passer-by.


A glass balustrade is the perfect backdrop for a dinner party or a candlelight dinner for two. When night falls, the glass is barely visible against the dark. Your guests only see the night sky or city lights. Candles on the balcony reflect beautifully off of the glass for a romantic ambiance. The class that a glass balustrade provides is without comparison.

Glass balustrades are a new addition to many modern buildings. Buildings that are meant for residences often utilise traditional balcony standards. The glass in many new high rise apartment buildings gives a touch of class that compliments the modern architecture. The visibility, safety, and beautiful atmosphere all make glass the best option.

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