An Excellent Alternative to Replacing The uPVC Windows In Your Home

Are your windows looking worse for wear and need replacing? Are you worried about the substantial cost of new windows? If the answer to these questions is yes, then please read on as I may have the solution to your problems. I’ll look to give you some valuable information about a home improvement solution that can revitalise your home and improve its overall aesthetic outlook.

A Superb Option

The efficient cost-saving process I have been referring to is Upvc spraying; this involves spraying the existing worn-out windows with your chosen colour or finish. Costing around 25% of the cost of new replacement windows, it extends the lifespan of your windows while refreshing and modernising the overall look of your home. We’ll break down the process to give you an idea of what is involved and describe some of the key benefits.

Looking At the Spraying Process

As something usually completed by an experienced team within a single day, the re-spraying of your windows follows these steps –

  • After the placement of protective sheeting, the first step is to remove the existing silicone.
  • Next, the surface of the window frames are cleaned to remove any foreign objects and create smooth surfaces.
  • Roughing the surfaces next allows for the new paint to adhere correctly.
  • All the surrounding areas are then protected with masking tape to avoid overspray.
  • A base or mist coat of paint is applied to ensure nothing affects the finish.
  • Once dry, a further two or three coats are applied until the finish is flawless.
  • After removing the masking tape, new silicon is re-applied in a matching colour.

After the usual cleaning up and removal of the protective coverings, you have a fantastic looking set of windows that improves your home façade and makes your neighbours envious.

The Key Benefits of Upvc Spraying

We have already mentioned the cost-saving when choosing to spray your windows, but they are many other valuable benefits that are the outcome of using this process. They can include –

  • The choice of hundreds of different coloured paints gives you a wealth of options.
  • There is also a sustainability bonus as it extends the lifespan of your windows.
  • The paint used has high UV protective qualities that protect the UPVC.
  • Due to the speed of the process, there is no disruption to your daily life.

The sustainability issue is important as waste Upvc ends up in landfills after the windows are replaced; reducing the amounts placed in landfills can directly impact the environment.

The Flexibility of This Process

As an excellent simple process, the spraying of Upvc isn’t restricted to just your windows; a range of different fixtures can also utilise spraying to affect an immediate improvement in their overall appearance. Garage doors, guttering, facias, and conservatories are all suitable for a facelift using the same method, a complete revamp of the exterior of your home is something to consider. As well as external fittings, spraying is becoming increasingly popular to redesign or recolour kitchen cabinets. Again, the cost bears no comparison when measured against new replacement units.

So, there we are, a superb, efficient process that can revitalise your home, take some time to investigate Upvc spraying further today.

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