All You Need to Know About Garage Door Remote Clickers

 Garage door remote clickers come in different sizes, colors and designs. A full-size remote can be clipped onto the car visor while the mini-size clips onto your keychain. However, losing your car poses a severe security threat to other cars in the garage when you use a full-size remote.

 The market is replete with remote clickers from different manufacturers with diverse specifications. As a result, most people find themselves asking which type of clicker to buy. In this article, we are going to consider the most relevant information you need to have before placing your order online or visiting a shop for a garage door remote clicker.

Whether you’re using the remote clicker for the first time or as a replacement for a lost or damaged one, understanding its functionality as well as safety measures to put in place is very essential. The primary reason for keeping cars in the garage is to secure them against theft. Thus, extra care must be taken in terms of how you handle your remote.

Programming Universal Garage Door Remote Clickers

Manufacturers produce replacement remotes in case your existing remote get lost or damaged. However, there are also universal remote clickers that work perfectly with any garage door. The options are limitless. You can choose from array of products on the market based on your preference and specifications.

Programming your universal garage door remote clicker for use with any brand of garage door opener is quite easy to do. For detailed information about how to program your remote, simply check for the instructions inside the manual to make the remote work effectively. Universal remote clickers can work with one or more garage doors. Some of these remotes come with a light control switch which enables you to turn on the lights of your garage or home.

The Remote Button

The number of buttons on the remote clicker depends on the number of functionalities attached to it. In other words, the number of buttons is determined by the number of devices it controls. A remote can have up to four buttons. For instance, if your garage has two doors and a remote-controlled light, then your remote clicker should have three buttons.

Wireless Keypad

As a substitute for a garage door remote clicker, you can install a wireless keypad outside the garage door for the use of other authorized members of the family to have access to the garage. Some wireless keypads are programmed to open up to three garage doors. Instead of using a remote to open or close your door, you simply input your code. This becomes a very good alternative in case you lose your remote or when you have a guest visiting.

Your door remote is the key to your electric garage and you must put in security measure to prevent from getting to a wrong hand. It is very easy to use. Try it today.

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