Adding Bifolding Doors To Merge Your Home & Garden

Have you recently brought and are renovating an older property? Are you considering refurbishing your existing home? Do you want to know about a remarkable modern home improvement that could transform the way your family lives? If so, please read on while I describe a superb contemporary addition to any home, bifolding doors.

What Are Bifolding Doors

Bifolding doors are usually sections of floor-to-ceiling sections of glazed frames; a primary section features a door that functions as a traditional door when the bi-folds are closed, called the travel or traffic door. The traffic door folds into the next section when the closing mechanism is initiated. The process is repeated until all the sections have folded and locked together on the far wall. A whole external wall is then open to the elements and forms an open plan kitchen/garden space that the entire family can enjoy during the summer months.

What Are the Key Benefits?

As a way of transforming your home or making a new property pop with a wow factor that brings a touch of luxury when installed, aluminium bifold doors have the following advantages –

  • The most noticeable benefit is the increase in natural light that floods into any property; the health benefits are well known.
  • Low maintenance – bifold doors require cleaning, but the more significant sections are more manageable to clean than other options.
  • Bifold doors offer increased security; it is wrongly assumed they are less secure than other door types. It is not the case as a multiple point locking system, double glazing, and modern high-security locks mean an improvement.
  • Whether you choose double or triple glazing, your bifold doors will be energy efficient and decrease energy consumption.
  • The installation of bifold doors improves your property’s aesthetic quality with their modern, sleek look.

As already touched upon, installing bifold doors can transform the way you live when the weather is suitable, turning the rear of your home and garden into an excellent space for both family and friends.

The Different Materials Available

It is possible to manufacture bifold doors in several different materials, each with its characteristics. Let’s take a brief look at them now.

  • Timber – A traditional choice, it is strong, and a good insulator but can be affected over time by the elements unless well protected. It can be expensive when chosen for larger bi-fold doors.
  • Aluminium – a strong material and low maintenance option when installed offer outstanding thermal efficiency; unaffected by weather, it is now a very popular choice. More expensive than Upvc.
  • UPVC – A lightweight, low-maintenance material, can be susceptible to wear over time and brittle. It is also a low-cost option.

Are There Any Dis-Advantages?

As with any significant home improvement, we should also explore as to whether there is a downside to installing bi-fold doors; possible issues could include –

  • Without adequate drainage, excess water can be an issue.
  • Poorly positioned doors can lead to privacy issues.
  • Larger bifold doors can need a lot of space in the stored position.
  • They can be expensive to install in larger homes.

Bifold doors can work in various spaces in both external and internal situations. They are a reliable home improvement. I hope this short article has given you some valuable ideas for improving your home.

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