A Guide to an Appropriate Master Bedroom Size

The greatest joy entails living in one’s dream house. While everyone has a different vision of their dream house decor, certain functional spaces are constant. The layout usually comprises a living room, kitchen, dining space, bedrooms, toilet, and powder room. However, the usual design style always follows the norm of bigger living space and at least one master bedroom. What differentiates the latter from the rest primarily is the master bedroom size. 

Master bedrooms are relatively spacious with a dedicated closet and attached toilet. They might open to a balcony or entail the best view. The layout usually has a zoning of separate seating and sleeping with the provision of other facilities like television, fridge, study, fireplace, etc. Ideally, their size is figured out by keeping a large set of furniture pieces like a king-size bed, a large rug, and a toilet with a bathtub in mind. However, several factors influence the calculation of an average master bedroom size. This article shall guide with those parameters and provide some great design tips for your bedroom decor.

What Your Average  Master Bedroom Size should be?

When it comes to luxury, there is probably no upper limit. However, by average standards, a master bedroom comprises at least an area of 225 sq ft. The room dimensions could be a minimal combination, like 15’ X 15’ and can, proceed to the likes of 15’ X 22’ or 17’ X 24’.These dimensions can’t be exact, since the size and form of your house would dictate the allowance you can exceed. But, what you can remember is that your regular bedrooms are size 12’ X 12’, excluding the closet and toilet space. Hence, your master bedroom should be anything above the standard area.

Secondly, the upper limit will be influenced by factors like the utility you desire in the room. Sometimes people wish to host a snooker table in their rooms or a separate laundry area within their suite. These desired set of utilities and arrangements within the room shall prescribe an upper limit to your master bedroom size. Another influence is that of climate. Often, people residing in cold areas opt for compact sizes to save on heating costs. Also, when the choice of flooring is of some absolute material, like carpets, the available market sizes restrict the upper limit. Hence, based on how much area your house offers, your desired utilities, and your spending capacity, your master bedroom size should be worked out by your architect.

5 Tips for your Master Bedroom Decor

Be it a tiny space or a large one, the right decor can spruce up any place. However, with larger areas, the choice of styling expands. If you have that luxury, you should nail the decor department. Here are five tips to consider when styling your bedroom.

  1. Flooring:There are numerous flooring varieties available on the market. You can always choose laminate flooring and spice it up with a textured rug or centerpiece carpet. Besides, always try to preconceive an overall room theme and ensure that your final finish and flooring blend together.
  2. Wall: If your ideal wall finishis painted walls, try to choose a matte texture. You can always have a two-color combination. However, exceeding three or more blends doesn’t always work well. Besides, you can always opt for an accent wall.
  3. Ceiling:Plain ceiling trend is long gone. Currently, false ceilings with POP, gypsum board, or faux beams with integrated lighting are some of the popular options.
  4. Furniture:Beds are the central focus of your bedroom. Therefore, try to play around with the headboards and choose them as your highlight walls. Try to incorporate the couch and seaters appropriate to your room-scale such that they don’t appear cramped.
  5. Toilet: The conventional size chosen for bedrooms is 6’ X 8’. However, as average to your master bedroom size, you can exceed 10’ X 12’.This should be defined by the fixtures you are going to use. Larger sizes usually take up jacuzzi/tubs or an arrangement of double basins. Try to pick jointless 4’ X 2’ tiles for a more elegant appearance.

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