5 Most Common Landscape French Drainage System Problems

Did you know that the earliest civilization to be credited with developing a drainage system is said to have been the Egyptians? This is partly because the Egyptians relied heavily on the water in their religious ceremonies, making it crucial that it was pure and as hygienic as possible.

Since the advent of science and technology, households in almost every city in the world have had drainage systems installed in strategic places like the lawn. It is an essential solution for households and organizations alike. Drainage is a crucial component of maintaining a home. If left unattended, it could result in disastrous issues such as flooding or foundation damage. Get your drainage system installed by trusted Houston drainage contractors to prevent the occurrence of drainage-related problems.

What Are the Common Problems Faced in Landscape French Drainage Systems?

The following are the most common problems associated with French drainage systems:

  • Lack of Sustainability: Since French drains are mostly installed in areas with tendencies of severe flooding, over time, they can result in structural damage, mold, dampness, and several other problems if not regularly maintained.
  • Prone to Clogging or blockages: Over time, dirt, debris, and sediment can accumulate in the drainage system and cause it to clog. This can reduce the flow of water and lead to flooding and water damage. Blockages from shrubs, trees, and the roots of grasses can also occur.
  • Overflowing or backed-up sewers: Tree roots, grease accumulation, and other pipe obstructions may cause this. When the main sewer line becomes clogged, the drain content reverts, causing an overflow. This may result in severe damage to some of your household items or cause foundation fissures, rodent and bug infestations, yard flooding, etc.
  • Poor Design, Structure, and Installation: Poorly designed French drainage systems are common in older properties and are prone to clogs and other issues. Additionally, for some drainage systems, pipes installed many years ago may be rusty, saggy, or not in alignment. These problems can be avoided by upgrading to a more recent system. You can contact Houston drainage contractors for quality outdoor drainage services.
  • Poor Maintenance: This can result in a number of issues, including leaks, blockages, and flooding. These problems can be avoided with routine maintenance and professional installation from a trusted contractor like Texas Raindrop.

How to Prevent Common French Drainage System Problems?

  • Correct Installation: Firstly, ensure your drainage system is installed correctly with the correct slope, depth, and gravel layer. Hiring a professional installer can help ensure that the system is properly installed.
  • Regular Maintenance: Be sure to remove any debris, sediment, or roots that may clog the system and check the drain regularly to clean it out as needed. Fix any drainage system leaks as soon as they are discovered, as they can damage pipes.
  • Accurate Design: Make sure that the French drain is designed to handle the amount of water in the area. A professional can help determine the appropriate size of the drain based on the area’s water flow.
  • Use High Quality Materials: The system needs to be durable and able to withstand the elements. Your home’s foundation should be far from where the downspouts are directed. You can inform your contractor about basic utility structures before the construction of a drainage system.
  • Consider Weather Changes: Using frost-resistant pipes, installing the drain below the frost line, or adding a layer of insulation around the pipe will prevent possible damage from freeze-thaw cycles that can occur unexpectedly.

Be sure to get quality and durable French drainage system installation and maintenance by a trusted and well-experienced contractor like Texas Raindrop.

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