3 Features you Should Consider Adding to your ADU

An ADU is a relatively basic and old concept: having an extra little habitation on the very same premises or linked to the main home, perhaps with an apartment just above the garage, a garage conversion, a tiny house in the rear, a basement apartment, and so on. However, notwithstanding its physical appearance, an ADU is legally part of the same property as the primary residence and cannot be purchased or sold separately.

Many communities are giving incentives and loosening zoning laws to encourage homeowners to construct auxiliary dwelling units in their homes to increase the number of affordable housing in the state. Consequently, homeowners are assessing the advantages and drawbacks of such a choice, and it’s essential to state that an ADU offers so many benefits that it nearly plays itself.

Accessory dwelling units, or ADUs, are one answer to the housing issue that many cities are experiencing as prices increase and affordable housing becomes increasingly difficult to obtain. ADUs, also known as backyard cottages or in-law apartments, or even granny homes, are self-contained, compact dwellings that are placed on the same land as the principal residence. They are often utilized for mixed-generational family living or for a homeowner to rent out or reside while renting out their principal property.

ADUs are not permitted in all cities, although some have amended their legislation to make it simpler to install one. Before beginning any construction project, verify local building laws and zoning ordinances in your city or county, and identify what features you would want to be adding after that to your granny home in Sunnyvale.

Design the Interior

Although ADUs seem to be relatively small than the usual home, they do not lack amenities or cutting-edge technology. Designers handpick the interior characteristics of ADUs. ADUs contain a slew of kitchen and bathroom options. There are custom-made cabinets with distinctive designs and plumbing equipment such as faucets/sinks. Throwing away too much luxury in the bathroom, you will do well to incorporate an attractive mirrored medicine cabinet.

Try Incorporating Versatile Furniture Options

Use this chance to experiment with new furniture and home design items. The furnishings in your ADU must be arranged following the space’s intended function.

When the time comes, there are numerous attractive space-saving furniture solutions to consider. Because of the smaller overall size, equipping your ADU with furniture that features built-in storage places may be an alternative worth considering.

Design your ADU in an eco-friendly and pleasant manner to help you achieve your ultimate aim for the new area.

Include Built-In Bedroom Features

The bedroom in your ADU may serve as a place to sleep, mainly if it is tiny. On the other hand, an enormous ADU bedroom may serve as both a bedroom and an office. Built-in features are appropriate for both small and big ADU bedrooms. In a tiny space, built-in drawers may be added for storage. This prevents full dressers from taking up valuable space. If the bedroom is more significant, a built-in desk and shelving might serve as a workstation.

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